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About Us

Astéria is the name of a Titan goddess in Greek mythology.

Now, it relates to our eternal, high-quality jewellery that brings out the very best in every woman, standing proud and confident of being themselves.


We started this journey believing jewellery is the leading piece in fashion and style. 
Our timeless jewellery gives you pleasure and the confidence to be proud of yourself.
Every piece of Astéria jewellery has a single mission, to bring soul and life into every woman.

We are A.S.T.E.R.I.A.

A - Ambitious

S - Sincerity

We are determined to provide you with the best timeless jewellery

We conduct our businesses with integrity and honesty

T - Teamwork

We work together to bring the best out in you

E - Excellence

We excel in everything we do to provide you with the best jewellery

R - Responsibility

 We take pride and ownership of our products and our people 

 I - Innovative

A- Awareness

We continuously innovate to provide you with unique and timeless jewellery

 We make sure you are aware that you are WORTH it!